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2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set

2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set

Regular Price: $62.00

Special Price: $29.90

(In stock)


2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light Lamp(Lamp cap only)


UniqueFire HD-016 2*Cree XM-L2 4 Modes Max1800 lumens bike light with Waterproof 4*18650 battery set

2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set

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2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $62.00

Special Price: $29.90

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Regular Price: $62.00

Special Price: $29.90

Product Questions

Can you please offer you lights for sale without the charger? I already have 2 chargers so don't need another one.
Can you send me link to buy only 2 packs of batteries?

what is battary type:Li or Ni?
How much one battary capasity ant all battary pack capacity? I want info about More capacity pack 6x18650.

Thank you.
What makes the difference between non-waterproof and waterproof variations?
Can you post the picture of both of them, please?
What is the difference between a 'Hot waterproof 8 * 18650 Battery pack' and a 'More capacity 8 * 18650 Pack'?


2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 3 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set

This bike light with 3 groups modes,

first mode: 3-mode at Low-Mid-High(press the switch more than 3 seconds)

second mode: press the switch more than 8 seconds,10-mode,from low to the highest mode

Last Mode:SOS

Product Brand LM
Color Black
LED Brand Cree
LED Type XM-L2
Battry Type 8.4V  6X18650Battery pack(Included)
Light Color White Light
Lumens Max 2500-Lumen
runtime Ab out 3 hours at 8.4V 4400mAh battery pack
Modes 3 modes and 10 modes and 1 mode
Switch Location Tailcap
Switch Type Clicky
Case Material Aluminum Alloy
Accessories Included 1X2Bike light,1x6*18650Battery pack,1xchanger,2xorings

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SKU M1389

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  1. Very nice bike light review by peter on 10/14/16

    I’ve owned many different bike light and this one is by far the best I’ve had! The light beam is very flood so you don’t have two straight beams but a wall of light which extends for about 10 meters in front of you. This makes biking in the dark a piece of cake. People somehow always go for the brightest lights which in my opinion is a mistake. There is such thing as too much and this light comes close to that. This light is so bright that although it creates a very well lit area in front of you, behind that you won’t see a thing because your eyes can’t cope with the huge contrast between the two. It’s like looking into the sun and then walking into your garage. Changes are you stumble over something because your eyes are blacked out.

    The design of the light is very nice and someone finally understood that NO ONE needs the stupid useless flash option. Instead you can choose low/mid/high, 10 steps from low to high or the flash option (which in my opinion they could have dropped). By pushing the button on the back for a couple of seconds you can switch the light of. If you push it on and hold it you can ‘scroll’ to the three options.

    I bought the ‘More capacity 8* 18650 Pack’ and it lasts for more than two hours on full power. I haven’t even seen the on/off button going to red (warning that you are under 40%) so I assume it will even go a lot longer. Despite never getting an answer on my question what the difference is between a hot waterproof pack and a more capacity pack I can tell you that the more capacity pack is well designed. The batteries are shrink rapped twice, are placed in a thick rubber housing which in its term is inside the holder. The rubber housing has a separate bottom so the batteries can be put inside of it. This isn’t glued so my guess is that this is the difference between a hot waterproof pack and a normal pack. The holder itself is of a thick fabric and has a long flap with Velcro which allows you to flip the lid over your steer or upper tube of the bike and have more than enough left to fix it to your battery pack.

    - Small design
    - Good flood light
    - 3-mode option
    - Love the battery housing

    - Small design can create heat issues in the summer
    - Connection between light cable and battery pack isn’t screwed in place but simply pushed in

    highly recommended!

  2. Gets too hot review by Shawn on 12/18/15

    Not a bad light if you can keep it from over heating. Even when riding at cooler fall temps I found the light would over heat and thermally throttle. I had to add my own heatsink to the top to keep it from overheating.

  3. excelente farolas review by pedrosie on 5/19/15

    excelentes lelgaron muy bien y alumbran bastante recomendadisimas

  4. review by Paul on 5/29/14

    This is a very well built light .
    Light output seems brighter to other claimed 1000 to 1300 lumen Chinese torches I have. It has a lot of flood there is no defined hotspot like a tactical torch has. Throw is reasonable as well. You could not use it on the highest setting in traffic as it is too bright.
    When the light is connected to power the switch on the back is green holding this in for a second gets you to the low medium and high setting when you turn this off hold the switch for about 3 seconds and you get flashing which is super bright. If you hold the switch in for 8 seconds you get 10 different levels the switch flashes on and of and changes to yellow. You touch the switch to move through the levels if your flashing was too bright hold the switch fir 8 seconds then you change through the 10 light levels and then hold the switch for 8 seconds this will change your flashing light level to what was the last level you had selected in the 10 levels. If you want to change low med or high select low for example have that on then hold the switch for 8 seconds till you get the 10 levels click through the 10 levels of light until you have the output you want then hold the switch for 8 seconds and you low level will be changed, I found this by mistake as I ended up with high being the same as low there are no instructions came with battery pack 2 o rings and light power supply had AU plug on it . 16 days delivery to Australia

  5. 2xCree XM-L2 2500-Lumen With 2 group modes LED Bicycle Light With Charger & 6*18650 Battery Set - See more at: review by Luan on 12/30/13

    Very compact package, light output is excellent. It is brighter than the 2 LEDs SolarStorm XM-L2 U3 that I have. I am happy with this head light so far.

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