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Lightmalls Dropshipping Program

  • with the revolutionary products and the tremendous marketing worldwide
  •     You buy the product at our best prices
  •     No advance payment for stock
  •     No storage required
  •     No postage or packing
  •     Small Quantities can be sold without any worry
  •     100% ~ 300% more profits


  • Dropshipping is a term used for directly selling the goods to your customer from the supplier without getting it to your place and then resend it to your customer. The businesses that sell goods are wholesale prices and deliver them directly to the address you specify. If you are an eBay seller or selling online through your websites, this means two things - that you can offer your product to your buyers the price you want and then shipped directly to the end customer without even him knowing that it is coming from the Wholesale supplier directly. You will get your payment in advance and you save on the Storage .
  • You receive your payment from your customerand then -- you proceed to place an order with the dropshipper, asking the item to be delivered directly to the end buyer's doorstep.
  • With our Dropshipping, you can earn cash as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  •     Step 1: Put our products in your site or at Ebay. We allow you use our pictures in our site or make your own pictures;
  •     Step 2: Take the order with your pricing from your customers and order from us;
  •     Step 3: We ship to your customer the order without pricing.
  • Most companies will not take the orders because of the quantity, they required a minimum order quantity of 100pcs or 500ps of certain products to accept the order. But with Lightmalls, you don't have any worry about any quantity, our minimum order quantity is 1 pcs, so you can even contact us to dropship 1 pcs to your customer.


  • Q - How and when do I start making money?
  • A - You will add your profit margin to the rate of the product, which we has quoted, before you advertise that product on the Internet or refer to your customers.
  • Once you have accepted your customer order and collected the payment, you make the order from us. The difference in our rate and the rate at which you have sold the product is your profit margin. You start making money from your first order itself without investing a penny. You do not need to sign up and we do not charge you any upfront fee to start our dropshipping program.
  • Q - How do I know what rate to quote for the product?
  • A - You can check out similar products being offered on the Internet, then compare that rate with our rate. You can then quote a rate based on the information. With our manufactruer directly selling wholesale prices, you can have good profit with the good margin.
  • Q - What do I do once I get an online order from my customer?
  • A - You accept the order and collect the payment from your customer and then make the order from us. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN SPECIALLY THE DROPSHIPPING PROGRAM. You just need to make the order with your account and specify the shipping address of your customer. That's all. We in turn will ship the order to the customer address provided by you. It's that simple.
  • Dropshipping is a great way of getting started in the world of online businesses and generating an additional stream of revenue. It allows you to test the waters, without making any huge investments in a business. This is something that you can easily manage in your spare time and therefore can be easily adjusted with your full time job. Thousands of thousands of dollars have been paid to our dropship partners.
  • No other business opportunity can offer you such a good easily ready-made business, for such a small outlay than our DROPSHIPPING program.