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Ni-MH AA 9.6V 1800mAh Battery Pack-8 Pcs a Pack(Green)


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  • LM955R435 LM955R435

Ni-MH AA 9.6V 1800mAh Battery Pack-8 Pcs a Row


Ni-MH AA 7.2V 1800mAh SM Plug Battery Pack-6 Pcs a Row

Ni-MH AA 9.6V 1800mAh Battery Pack-8 Pcs a Pack(Green)

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Ni-MH AA 9.6V 1800mAh Battery Pack-8 Pcs a Pack(Green)

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Hi. Need 4.4 out of 5 stars 209Reviews
Blomiky 1 Pack 9.6V 1800mAH NiMH Rechargeable AA Battery Packs with Standard Tamiya Connectors Plug with 3 hole connector


    The advantages of nickel-metal hydride battery pack:
  • Environmental protection, high-capacity, high temperature, stable performance, small internal resistance, discharge time is long; battery quality and reliable performance, enough power, battery mantle cardboard packaging, when used with high temperature effect.

    Main Feature :

  • Battery type: Ni-MH Battery
  • Eco-friendly with no memory effect
  • Comes into 8pcs a pack
  • Voltage:9.6V.
  • Size:AA
  • Capacity:1800mAh.
  • Quantity:8pcs
  • Can be used in toy car, model plane and other electronic products.
  • Cable:the red wire is "+",the black wire is "-", please keep the battery positive and negative are right, to ensure the normal use and charging.
  • Caution: Do not disassemble,short circuit or dispose of in fire;Do not mix with different battery type.

    Specification :

  • Package weight:0.2 kg
  • Package size:10*6*1.5 cm

    Package Content
  • 1 Pack x 8pcs 2-AA 9.6V 1800mAh Battery Pack

    Use Battery General Knowledge:
  • 150% new rechargeable battery first, and then re-use. New batteries are generally three to four times to go through the cycle of charge and discharge capacity to the highest value.
  • In principle, be used in the order: full > run > full; (Note that rechargeable batteries can not overcharge and over discharge).
    Keep the battery clean and positive and negative, to ensure the normal use and charging.
  • Rechargeable batteries are not afraid to use, but the fear of long-term (one year or longer) is not used. That because of the long-term self-discharge and cause the battery to be placed without electricity, resulting in passivation of the internal material, voltage as low as zero volts and can not restore its original capacity, or even unusable.

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SKU LM955R435

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